Ownership of a pinball machine is not only a great way to recapture a part of your youth, it can also be a great investment if purchased correctly from the start, with many games retaining value and increasing in value over time.

A pinball machine purchased or restored from APR will not only look and play in most cases better than new , you can be assured that the game has been completely inspected and overhauled electronically to ensure it is a reliable game for years to follow. Unlike many of the 'container' importers who look to clean a game and flick it as quickly as possible, at APR we ensure that EVERY aspect of the game is checked , cleaned , fixed and restored to the highest standards.

No detail is left untouched with a restored game purchased from APR
Whatever the period your game is from , be it an Electromechanical from the 50's 60's or 70's, a Solid State game from the 80's or a 90s DMD game and later model games, your newly restored APR machine will look and play like it just rolled off the factory floor, and in many cases better than new !

Priding ourselves on attention to detail we cover every aspect of the game in our restoration process, from full electronic board overhauls, to complete playfield strip & rebuilds, including air brush repairs of worn playfield area's and complete cabinet restoration and resprays.

So join thousands of others across Australia who are rediscovering the enjoyment that pinball machine ownership can bring with a quality game purchased from Australian Pinball Restorations.

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We no longer do site repairs. You can deliver to our workshop, but the current backlog of work will not allow quick turnaround."


Not happy with a recent purchase ?

Have you taken delivery and found the many cover ups and short cuts that plague the industry ?

I can strip your machine down to a bare playfield and have it looking like new, and more importantly, PLAYING like new. I don't "shop" machines, nor do I place a "cap" of 20 hours to properly recondition a game. Within seconds of viewing a game, I can always find the shortcuts. Have confidence that your machine is reconditioned without restrictions.


Please note - Current demand for our services has created a backlog of 2 years


I coined the phrase "Nearly In Box" - That is a High End Pinball Restoration where you can't tell the game was restored. It looks like it has just been off the factory floor.

I specialize in Electromechanical and Solid State Pinballs, but I can do the same for DMD. Playfield swap, cabinet repaints, full electrical or electronic overhaul, cabinet re decalling and ramp replacement.

If you want your "Holy Grail" Pinball restored to the standard "Nearly In Box", then I'm up for the challenge. I restore between 3-4 machines per year to this standard.


Please note - Current demand for our services has created a backlog of 2 years.

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